Want to join the Playlist Posse?

What are we looking for?

There are three things we look for in new music from Curators:

* 15 minutes a day
* Consistency
* Ability to Write

15 minutes a day is what is required to do this effectively.  The thing about you is, you’re already spending that much time on music – listening, reading about, compiling your own lists and talking about music to others.  Some days it’s only 5 minutes, but other days – when you’re writing your track submission or sharing your track with the audience, it could be as much as half an hour.  We know – this is a lot of time – most people don’t have this time – but you’re not most people.  

 I’m sure you know what consistency means so we need that and people who do what they say their going to do and comfortable communicating what they want and how they feel. As far as writing goes, you will need to be able to put in words why that track is worthy of someone’s time.

What Do We Have?

* People who really like music
* A professional brand
* A web presence for your playlist
* Branded Twitter, Facebook & Instagram accounts
* Sponsorship and Advertising revenue
* Access to streaming revenue

Interested In Learning More?

All Playlist inquires Email StreamingRiches@gmail.com