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Astronomers and the rest of the world get their first detailed glimpse of life.

Many many light years away from us here on Earth (370 million light – years)to be exact, Scientists have been able to snap a clear shot of the formation of a planet for the first time ever. The picture is one of the most robust we have of a planet forming, and it could help us learn more about how worlds outside our Solar System came to be.

So how do planets form anyway?

The various planets are thought to have formed from the solar nebula, the disc-shaped cloud of gas and dust left over from the Sun’s formation. The currently accepted method by which the planets formed is accretion, in which the planets began as dust grains in orbit around the central protostar.

This star, dubbed PDS 70, is thought to be just 5.4 million years old — a newborn on the cosmological timescale. Astronomers have thought for a while that new planets might be emerging around the star.